Who we are

The centre is named after Professor Vernon C Marshall whose contribution to the Australian Medical Council (AMC) in various capacities, including as past Chairperson of the AMC Board of Examiners and AMC Editor-in-Chief, is internationally recognised.

A photograph of Professor Marshall is placed in the candidate area of the NTC, which is particularly significant given the care and attention he afforded AMC candidates through the production of the AMC series of examination publications, under his leadership.


Emeritus Professor Vernon Charles Marshall
Officer (AO) in the General Division (Victoria)

We operate as a Business with a Purpose to help achieve shared goals within the medical profession. We apply a holistic, sustainable approach to all business practices and partnerships, and are committed to continually evolving in this area.

The service

Our team are focused on providing a positive and quality experience to all that enter our facility. We understand our clients’ needs, especially when they are transitioning from other venues, and work with them to achieve the best outcome for their exam, their organisation, and importantly, their candidates.

We each bring different expertise to the group, as well as being creative thinkers who are always looking to innovate and improve. The following are some of our speciality areas:

  • Audio Visual Engineering
  • Communications
  • Computer Programming
  • Customer Service
  • Event Management
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Medical Education and Assessment
  • National and International Policy
  • Operations Management
  • Project and Program Management
  • Research and Law

Our team

Program Management

Program Management

A dedicated resource to assist you in purposefully planning your transition to, and future with, the facility. The Program Management team work with you on the conditions of hire, the business needs, and any challenges or changing requirements. The team can provide advice on moving to digital marking or video recording, development of your assessment processes and policies, including business contingency planning, and are your go-to for high-level support.
ICT Specialists

ICT Specialists

Our ICT Specialists are here to support you in the planning and implementation of your examination. They work to provide flexible and suitable solutions to allow for easy transition to digital functionality, while expertly ensuring redundancy, security and risk aversion. They are part of a wider team who are dedicated to innovation and development throughout the centre and the business as a whole.
Events Staff

Events Staff

Our team work with you to tailor the centre according to your event and examination requirements. Through extensive planning sessions, we take care of staffing, catering, furniture arrangement and space utilisation, exam room layout, meeting room preparation and personalised digital signage. We ensure the correct access for all guests and that your technical needs are met. We're the friendly faces you see on arrival and when you leave again at night. Need anything? Ask us.
Examination Coordinators

Examination Coordinators

One of our Examination Coordinators will be with you for the duration of your examination to ensure its smooth running. They have experience with multiple exam formats, know how to mitigate risk and problem solve. The Coordinator is your second pair of eyes and ears, helping to direct personnel, monitor the exam and support your team.
Examination Marshals

Examination Marshals

Examination Marshals are medical students trained through the NTC's Marshal Program. Marshals undertake key roles and responsibilities on examination day, such as the identification and registration of candidates and monitoring the rotation in the examination corridor, through to keeping the centre to a high standard of presentation. Marshals are familiar with the needs of different clients and are a great resource for those needing extra feet on the ground to ensure a seamless exam day.
Simulated Patients

Simulated Patients

Simulated Patients (SPs) are trained to enact scenarios ranging from history taking and physical examination, through to complex management and counselling cases. Role playing is an integral part of the examination process and ensures a standardised experience is maintained for each candidate.

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The site layout and observation room have allowed enhanced training opportunities for new examiners and more targeted feedback to all examiners.
Dealing with professional examination staff adds an extra layer of support to the delivery of these high stakes examinations.
The purpose built facility has contributed to the quality of the examination and improved the examiner, candidate and staff experience.