Technology Improving Assessment

The NTC customises cutting-edge technology in order to deliver a bespoke solution for each client.

Clients can tailor an examination to meet their requirements, with the addition of optional functionality

- exam control system
- audio and video recording
- real time and remote observation
- digital marking
- digital exam content

As a secure facility, our focus is on the protection of our candidates, clients and their information.

Examination Control System

Our ICT team have designed a robust, yet flexible, Control System which can be configured to any examination style. Clients can manipulate reading and assessment times, add audio prompts, and pre-recorded, verbal instructions to their exam. Used in conjunction with our CCTV and PA systems, a new level of operational control is achieved. Staff can focus on the areas that matter, and leave the ‘bell-ringing’ to the system.

Audio Visual Technology

All examination rooms contain discreet, video and audio technology, for the purpose of recording specific sections, or an entire exam from beginning to end. Video footage can be used for the review of candidate and examiner performance, for ensuring consistency across marking, for standardising Appeal or Special Consideration processes and for training purposes. Shared areas of the facility are also captured by CCTV, enabling a birds-eye view of operations at all times.




Monitor your examination in real-time from multiple angles, in the Observation Room – or potentially from anywhere in the world. Get insight into examiner and candidate behaviour which was once confined to the exam room. The ability to observe an exam while it’s in session, opens up opportunities for advancement in exam security, quality control and risk mitigation. It also allows for the easy management of exam personnel such as examiners, simulated patients and exam candidates – ensuring everyone is in the right place at the right time.

Digital Marking

The NTC can support clients in making the move from paper to digital marking. With a fleet of tablets, all with mobile device management software built in, we can adapt to your marking solution, or assist you in finding suitable technology partners. We can assist with technical support and work with you to ensure redundancy and reliability, based on our own extensive experience.

Digital Exam Content

Each examination station is equipped with two monitors, one inside and one outside the room,  designed to display sharp, high quality, images and exam content. The monitors are individually programmed, meaning you can have video playing in one station and plain text in the next, depending on what the scenario requires. Begin saving on printing and shipping costs and increasing security and procedural efficiencies within your team.

Secure Facility

As a secure facility, access to the centre is restricted and by appointment. Our team have developed solutions and processes which are geared around confidentially and the protection of people and information. This extends across operations and management, to the technology and infrastructure. Your exam’s security is paramount and our number one priority.


Utilising the NTC facilities has enabled the college to improve the quality, efficiency and transparency of the assessment.
The available technical capabilities and appropriateness of the different spaces allow candidates and examiners to focus on the examination.
The purpose built medical examination venue is valued by candidates, examiners and staff.